Aqua with a height of 6 meters, two spirals + one tube + one side waterfall + on waterfall

  • Al-Ahram Fiberglass Company is distinguished as a long-established company in the field of fiberglass and aqua parks
  • We have a large variety of aqua parks and water carnivals
  • Designed according to the required spaces and sizes according to the client’s desire


Aquakids are distinguished by all their parts as:

  • Soft on both sides for easy sliding on The surface is smooth and smooth, made of fiberglass armed with fiberglass, made of natural gelcoat, which is not affected by weather factors (sunlight and humidity).
  • The Aqua Park is a group of separate pieces that are put together by engineers and technicians on site according to the required dimensions and sizes.
  • The aqua park is installed on an iron chassis or a concrete structure, according to the customer’s desire
  • The aqua park includes a group of waterfalls, pipes, and open and closed spirals. The aqua park is installed outside the swimming pool and descends into the swimming pool.
  • The aquapark is equipped with water connections to pump water into it for cooling and hydration while going to the bathroom.

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