Double portable bathroom, 1.25 cm x 2.50 x 2.30 cm, fiberglass

External surface: Smooth

Inner surface: Smooth

country of origin : Egypt

trade mark : Al-Ahram Fiberglass

Price and product delivery time: Please call on 01222284220_ 01008154969



product specification :

  • Mobile bathrooms made of fiberglass reinforced with fiberglass painted with smooth gelcoat that can withstand weather conditions.
  • Portable fiberglass bathrooms have a smooth finish inside and out
  • Mobile bathrooms made of fiberglass, including all electrical and plumbing connections

Features of portable bathrooms made of fiberglass:

  • A portable fiberglass bathroom equipped with two European bases + 2 sinks and a knee-mounted basin
  • The bathroom is also equipped with 2 aluminum doors + 2 aluminum windows
  • The bathroom is supplied and equipped with plumbing connections for the base and sink
  • The bathroom is equipped with a plug and light
  • A shower or extractor can be added according to the customer’s desire, in addition to adding a water tank or a sewage tank according to the customer’s desire as well.

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